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Mandala of Self-Care

Mandala of Self Care The National College of Hypnosis & Psychotherapy

Bill Hard

Course Leader of Mandala of Self Care


Failing to plan is planning to fail.

Maybe you have had the experience of enjoying your work with clients and…

Being too tired to go to the gym, or engage with your family and friends?

Feeling guilty that you are stressed?

Missing out on important events that you promised yourself you would attend, because you are either too busy or too tired?

We have all heard about work/life balance, but in reality there is no such thing. There is only whole life balancing!

Caring work is hard work, and self-sacrifice need have no part of it. Having an intention to relax and take care of ourselves is a good start and most therapists and carers have that. Taking that intention and turning it into regular sustainable action is something else entirely.

Often we think it is a matter or temperament or inclination, but actually there are some key understandings and skills we can learn, that can make managing our life and making sure we get our needs met much more manageable.

How will this workshop benefit you?

This workshop will help you to understand your core strengths and limitations and how to develop a plan that builds on and takes account of both of these areas. You will leave the weekend with a clear plan of action and a good collection of tools. We will explore what causes us distress and what we can do about it.

What you will learn

  • How stress impacts you as an individual
  • How to become more kind and more assertive without being egotistical
  • How to relax dynamically even with discomfort
  • How to craft clear messages, both to yourself and others
  • How to develop and manage focus
  • How to manage time and activity more effectively
  • Improve the quality of the care you offer to clients, by including you

Your tutor

Your trainer for the course is Bill Hard. Bill has been helping people to make changes for over thirty years. Hypnotherapy has been his primary tool for the past fifteen years and he comes from a career that included nursing (with a specialism in challenging behaviours and learning disabilities), training, performance coaching and decades of teaching meditation.

Bill is a passionate advocate for peoples’ ability to grow and change from a place of appreciation of who they already are.

This Course at a Glance:


  • Bill Hard

Mode of Study

  • Face to face tuition (via Zoom)
  • Practical demonstration and exercises

Hours of Study

  • 14 hours over 2 days (14 hours CPD)


  • £265 (£240 for NCHP alumni)

Entry Requirements

  • Students/trainees and practicing therapists
  • Those on the UKCP pathway can count this towards their self-development hours

Course Dates

  • 8th/9th July 2023