The Dates of All the Stages You Need for Your Pathway

Stage dates The National College of Hypnosis & Psychotherapy

Our training takes place at weekends in London, Manchester and Oxford, each training day starts at 10am and ends at 5pm.

We keep this page constantly up to date. If there is any change to course dates we will inform you and if you are unable to attend any of the modules on your stage you can catch up at a different venue or the next time that module runs in your location.

In the event you can’t attend please inform us in advance if possible and we can advise you on your options to complete that module.

You can repeat any module you wish (at a reduced cost) subject to space being available on that particular module. Again if you want to repeat any module please contact us.

Your student E-book provides more details of your venue (which can also be seen in the locations menu) with a selection of accommodation, travel and food options.

We look forward to seeing you.

Stage 1 Dates

LocationModule 1Module 2Module 3Module 4
LondonComplete6-7 June 202018-19 July 202029-30 Aug 2020
Oxford18-19 July 202015-16 Aug 202019-20 Sept 202017-18 Oct 2020
Manchester3-4 Oct 20207-8 Nov 20205-6 Dec 20209-10 Jan 2021
London17-18 Oct 202021-22 Nov 202012-13 Dec 202016-17 Jan 2021

Stage 2 Dates

LocationModule 5Module 6Module 7Module 8Module 9 Module 10Module 11Module 12
ManchesterCompleteCompleteCompleteCompleteComplete25-26 July 202022-23 Aug 202026-27 Sep 2020
LondonCompleteCompleteCompleteComplete4-5 July 20201-2 Aug 20205-6 Sept 20203-4 Oct 2020
London12-13 Sep 202010-11 Oct 202014-15 Nov 20205-6 Dec 202023-24 Jan 202127-28 Feb 202113-14 Mar 202117-18 Apr 2021
Oxford21-22 Nov 202012-13 Dec 20209-10 Jan 20216-7 Feb 2021 6-7 Mar 202117-18 Apr 202122-23 May 20213-4 Jul 2021

Stage 3 Dates

LocationPre-Weekend for Pathway to UKCP for Existing HypnotherapistsModule 13Module 14Module 15Module 16Module 17
LondonCompleteComplete4-5 Jul 202015-16 Aug 202019-20 Sept 202024-25 Oct 2020
Manchester 17-18 Oct 202021-22 Nov 202012-13 Dec 202016-17 Jan 202120-21 Feb 20216-7 Mar 2021
London31-1 Oct/Nov 202028-29 Nov 202019-20 Dec 202030-31 Jan 202120-21 Feb 202120-21 March 2021
Oxford TBC21-22 Aug 202118-19 Sep 202116-17 Oct 202113-14 Nov 202111-12 Dec 2021