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The People Who Make Up Your College

Our People The National College of Hypnosis & Psychotherapy


Any educational institution is the sum of its students, graduates and faculty. We wouldn’t be who we are without our colleagues who work hard to bring you the education and support you receive.

Our academics and student supporters have taken the journey you are about to embark upon because we raise and nurture our own talent wherever we can. To guide and support you effectively we need to have experienced your journey ourselves.

Here, we introduce people you are most likely to come into contact with during your studies. However, the reality is there are many of us contributing in valuable ways and we all make up our bigger picture. You’ll meet more of us at CPD events, conferences and guest lectures.

We recognise and thank all the people who contribute to making our college what it is. Because we embrace diversity and equal opportunity seriously, our team represents a variety of backgrounds, perspectives, and skill sets.

We believe that the more inclusive we are, the better our work and our results will be.

Our People at a Glance:


  • Stuart Cale

Vice-principal and Chair of The Academic Board

  • Dr. Alan Greaves

Director of Student Experience

  • Carlie Fairbrother

Student Liaison and Research Officer

  • Luigi Sciambarella


  • David Corr
  • Carlie Fairbrother
  • Stuart Cale
  • Luigi Sciambarella
  • Anne Millne-Riley

Chair of The Ethics Committee

  • Prof. Alan Patching

Diversity and Equalities Officer

  • Zayna Ratty