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Dreaming on Purpose: Exploring the Inner Landscapes Through Psychotherapeutic Dreamwork

Dreaming on Purpose: Exploring the Inner Landscapes Through Psychotherapeutic Dreamwork The National College of Hypnosis & Psychotherapy

Luigi Sciambarella

Course Leader of Psychotherapeutic Dreamwork


Whether you remember or not, every night you enter a rich and immersive reality beyond your physical senses.

Unconstrained by the limitations of waking thoughts, beliefs and actions, dreams can offer us and our clients creative insights, resources and possibilities which can enrich our inner and outer worlds.

This workshop is designed to familiarise you with the purpose of dreaming (including lucid dreaming) and how they can be utilised to cultivate greater self-understanding.

We will explore various techniques that can be used to benefit both yourselves as therapists and your clients.

We will show that dreamwork in the therapeutic encounter can be both brief and solution-focused, dispelling the long-held myth that dreamwork is overly-complex or a long-term therapy.

Develop your skills and confidence with this way of working.

What You Need to Know:

Topics included in this workshop include:

  • Understanding the purpose and forms of dreaming, including the latest scientific research.
  • Exploring the borderlands of hypnagogic and hypnopompic perceptions and how these are utilised within hypnotherapy.
  • Understanding and resolving nightmares, sleep paralysis, and some parasomnias.
  • From interpretation and analysis to integration – dreams as the mirror that changes itself.
  • Cultivating the core conditions within the dreamstate.
  • Active re-entry into dreaming (increasing recall, finding patterns, significant symbols and emotions and understanding life context).
  • Saying No to dream dictionaries – promoting the individual and dreaming in context.
  • Becoming an active participant in your dreaming life through lucid dreaming.
  • Life is a dream so what’s the message?
  • This fascinating and rich subject area will not only enhance your therapeutic work and toolbox, but open deeper layers of understanding of your client’s process

How This Training is Useful to You

The workshop will be presented online using Zoom and will be presented using a blended learning approach.

This is an experiential course with opportunities to practice the techniques in a safe and supported environment. .

Numbers will be restricted to ten participants in order to allow appropriate interaction, practice of the techniques and in-depth discussion and reflection.

Expert Guidance

Your trainer for this weekend is Luigi Sciambarella; a graduate of the National College of Hypnosis and Psychotherapy and UKCP Hypno-Psychotherapist

Luigi has been working with dreams, and lucid dreaming in particular, for nearly 20 years and has been teaching meditation and dreamwork for over a decade to groups around the world.

This workshop is a distillation of his understandings and applications in personal development and working with clients. We will, therefore, equip you with an array of knowledge and techniques so that you can competently and confidently work with dreams.

This Course at a Glance:


  • Luigi Sciambarella

Mode of Study

  • Face to face tuition via Zoom
  • Practical demonstration and exercises

Hours of Study

  • 14 hours over 2 days (14 hours CPD)


  • For anyone who is counting this towards their UKCP additional hours there will be a written assessment


  • £265 (£240 for NCHP alumni)

Entry Requirements

  • This course is aimed at practising therapists and health professionals who wish to understand and incorporate this important skillset into their in-person or online work

Course Dates

  • 19/20th October 2024 (online via Zoom)

What Next?

  • Upon completion and certification of specialist training you will be equipped with practical skills to be able to use immediately in your practice