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Sharon Mustard (Founder and Director of easibirthing®)


Sharon Mustard has been a familiar face to the NCHP family for many years and was awarded The Brookhouse Biddle award in 2019 for her outstanding contribution to the profession. Sharon specialises in both working with men and women throughout their transition into parenthood and training other professionals to work therapeutically with them. Her courses have been running face to face through the NCHP for 11 years now and the feedback we receive from them speaks for itself.

We are therefore very excited that Sharon has recently launched her online school which makes her courses self-paced, flexible and more accessible than ever.

I had the pleasure of talking with Sharon recently to hear more about her inspiration, her thoughts behind her training courses and about the transition into online training.

To find out more about easibirthing® training or to book an online course, you can click through to the online school below.


Visit easibirthing® Online School