Practice During Training

Practice During Training The National College of Hypnosis & Psychotherapy

Stage 1

During Stage 1 you are encouraged to practise inducing hypnosis and simple hypnotic interventions with family and friends only. You may use suggestion hypnotherapy with family and friends for

simple behavioural issues but not use any techniques that involve them revealing their process. By process (which is discussed in depth on weekend one of Stage 2) we mean the underlying reasons for a behaviour or belief and includes experiences which have led to them. It could cause issues with relationships if your family and friends reveal their process to you, it will always be the case that you must not work on a process level with family and friends.


Stage 2

During Stage 2 you are encouraged to continue practising techniques with family and friends but the same proscription applies about keeping out of their process. Your tutor will tell you when you

are ready to start your case study and you must get your case study client approved by your tutor or the director of student experience/another tutor if your tutor is unavailable.

You may also work with issues and techniques that have been covered on the course with others on a non-commercial basis. You will need to ensure that you have appropriate training supervision

for your work with these clients as the supervision slot on in class is for case study clients only.

If you require training supervision, we recommend that you contact one of the tutors from another training group who may offer a concessionary rate.

For all client work please ensure you use the contract on the following page and ensure that you have adequate insurance and have dealt with the relevant requirements of the GDPR.