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Health and Safety Policy

Health and Safety Policy The National College of Hypnosis & Psychotherapy

The National College of Hypnosis and Psychotherapy pursues educational and research activities that impact society. Safely doing this is a vital component of our commitment to our team members and student community, and we expect team members, students, visitors, and contractors to share this commitment.

We intend to ensure the health and safety of all persons who may be affected by our activities across all locations through:

  • Engaging with our team members, students and visitors to facilitate the safety of their working environment.
  • Providing, managing and maintaining an overall environment at our workplaces so that they are, so far as reasonably practicable, safe and that health risks are controlled.
  • Identifying hazards and conducting formal risk assessments to minimise physical and psychological risks for all activities undertaken by the NCHP and ensuring that proper control measures and emergency procedures are in place.
  • Providing and promoting systems of work, information, instruction, training and supervision at all levels is necessary to ensure that team members and students are competent to supervise or undertake their work activities and are aware of any related hazards and the measures to be taken to protect against them.
  • We promote a positive health and safety culture in all that we do. Where there are no existing NCHP policies or guidance, we expect our team members, students, and visitors to implement the highest relevant standards and comply with applicable legislation. Where no standards or legislation exist, we will work with our team members, students and contractors to develop systems which comply with best practices and mitigate risk, drawing on relevant legislation and guidance.
  • Where buildings are shared/hired, working closely with the owner/operator to establish clear lines of responsibility for health and safety between users and to formalise any appropriate arrangements for these purposes.

The NCHP is committed to this policy and to implementing and maintaining the health, safety, highest standard and welfare across the college.

We expect every member of the college to share this commitment and work together to achieve it.

Date of the last amendment to this document and ratification by The Academic Board – 16/5/22