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Hypnosis and

Call our Director of Student Support, Fiona Biddle between the hours of 8am and 6pm. If Fiona is with a client or in a UKCP meeting, leave a message and she will call you back


 0207 831 8801 :  0345 257 8735

Hypnotherapy Training UK – Psychotherapy Training UK

NCHP Personnel

NCHP Personnel

Office Hours:   7.30am- 8.00pm Monday – Friday

Shaun Brookhouse, Principal
Shaun J F Brookhouse, MA, PGCert(ClinSup), CertEd
+44 (0)345 2578735

Managing Director
Fiona Biddle, MSc
+44 (0)345 2578735

Keith Thompson
Chair of Academic Board
Keith Thompson, MA(Oxon), MEd
Emeritus Vice Chancellor, Staffordshire University
+44 (0)345 2578735

Chairman of the Ethics Board
Prof Alan Patching
+44 (0)345 2578735


Diversity and Equality Officer
Clifford Garraway
+44 (0)345 2578735

Student Rep to AB

Student Representative to the Academic Board
Zayna Ratty
+44 (0)207 831 8801
Administrative Assistant

Louise Kay

+44 (0)845 2578735

Conference Administrator

Greg Biddle

+44 (0)845 2578735

Chief Medical Officer

Dr. Geoff Ibbotson

+44 (0)845 2578735

Chief Legal Officer & Vice Principal

Stuart Cale

+44 (0)845 2578735

Tutors:(For details of our faculty click HERE)

Shaun Bookhouse (Principal) Alison Leverett-Morris.
Ms Fiona Biddle Mr David Corr
Mr Stuart Cale (Vice Principal) Prof Alan Patching
Dr Geoff Ibbotson

During the course of their training, and subsequently, NCHP students have the opportunity to attend sessions led by various specialist Tutors. However, it would be misleading to refer to all of them in this prospectus as though they were all members of our regular teaching establishment.

Tutors referred to above are those with whom students may expect to come into frequent contact, depending upon where, and to what level, they train. All such Tutors are experienced teachers, as well as being, themselves, NCHP trained and experienced members of the NSHP.

The NCHP and NSHP are Equal Opportunities Organisations, committed to the principle that no one should be discriminated against by reason of race, religion, ethnicity, gender, class, age, disability or sexual orientation. Click here for the our Equal Ops policy