Stage 4, Your Gateway to UKCP Registration and Accreditation

Stage 4 - Pathway to UKCP Hypno-Psychotherapeutic Counsellor The National College of Hypnosis & Psychotherapy


Stage 4 concludes with the Advanced Diploma in Hypno-Psychotherapeutic Counselling, the post-nominals ADHPC(NC) and includes all required elements for registration with UKCP.

Stage 4 is available to students who have completed Stage 3 or applicants with a UKCP recognised Diploma in Hypno-Psychotherapy who have not completed their UKCP registration.

On Stage 4, you will be working with clients in a close relationship with your clinical supervisor, for every six hours of therapy you carry out, you will have one hour of supervision.

You will study five compulsory online modules and attend further training hours which you can choose yourself. There is also a requirement for personal therapy with a UKCP registered therapist (or equivalent).

Total Training Period

If you have undertaken Stage 1 to Stage 3 continuously, it will have taken you a minimum of seventeen months. Therefore, Stage 4 is the phase between this and the three year point from the start of training (or longer if the other requirements are not complete).

For example:

  • Start Stage 1 in October 2020, complete in January 2021
  • Start Stage 2 in February 2021, complete in September 2021
  • Start Stage 3 in October 2021 and complete in February 2022
  • Stage 4 would then be the period from March 2022 until September 2023 or until all requirements are complete, whichever is the later.

Please note that for this UKCP training this three year period is compulsory although you are able to be in practice from the end of stage two (from the end of September 2021 above), normally, it would be expected that UKCP registration would be completed within a maximum of seven years.

Additional Hours

UKCP accreditation requires you to attend a minimum of 50 hours additional live training during Stage 4, these could be chosen from our CPD offerings and can also include attendance at the annual NSTT conference.

There are five compulsory additional study modules which are offered in online classrooms (no live attendance is required).

Stage 4 at a Glance:

Key Points:

  • Clinical hours with clients
  • Clinical supervision
  • Online modules
  • Additional classroom hours
  • Self-development (including personal therapy)


  • Three years from start of training

Mode of Study:

  • Time with supervisor
  • Classroom hours
  • Online classrooms
  • Self-directed study


  • Portfolio of total hours
  • Supervisor’s report
  • Viva voce to assess psychological maturity

What Next?

  • Your future. . .

Total UKCP Hours Broken Down

Training ElementClassroom HoursSelf-Directed Learning HoursCost
Stage 17044£1250
Stage 2132213£2000
Stage 37020£1250
Human Development and Sexuality Module 80 (online)7£205
Psychopathology Module30 (online)5£115
Research Methods Module8 (online)2£75
Equalities and Diversity Module20 (online)3£100
Safeguarding Module05£30
Other Classroom Training Hours505variable
Client Hours450100income-generating
Supervision Hours7525variable
Personal Therapy Hours1050variable

The UKCP registration requirements appear in full in the policies section of The Oracle.