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Professional Recognition

Professional Recognition

United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy (UKCP)

The UKCP, formerly the UK Standing Conference for Psychotherapy, was formed in 1989 with the aim of establishing the profession of psychotherapy with agreed common training standards and ethical requirements. Over 70 organisations involved in the field of psychotherapy, including the NCHP, currently belong to the UKCP.

In May 1993, the UKCP launched its National Register of Psychotherapists (NRP), and also produced Training and Ethical Standards Requirements for member organisations. The NCHP’s training programme has been confirmed as meeting UKCP requirements and the UKCP ethical guidelines are incorporated within our Code of Ethics and Practice.

Details of supplementary training for those wishing to fulfil the requirements for membership of the UKCP’s NRP are given on p15. It should be noted that the UKCP’s Register, like our own NSHP, is a voluntary body, however it is expected that the UKCP Register will achieve Accredited Voluntary Register status with the Professional Standards Authority in the not to distant future. The PSA is the UK’s regulator of regulators which will add additional credibility to the UKCP National Register and by default the National College training.

UKCP has been involved in various initiatives to legislate for, and regulate, psychotherapy, so confirming our professional status.

European Association for Hypno Psychotherapy

The European Assocation for Hypno Psychotherapy (EAHP) is a constituent member of the European Association for Psychotherapy (EAP). The EAP represents some 200 psychotherapy organisations from 36 countries throughout Europe, including the UK. In terms of individuals, perhaps 100,000 psychotherapists. The EAP’s award – The European Certificate of Psychotherapy (ECP) – is intended to set the standard for mutual recognition of psychotherapists in Europe.

Exclusive  to  the discipline in this country,  only suitably qualified members of the NRHP achieved grandparented ECP status before September 2002.

Both the NCHP achieved Full membership of EAHP following assessment by two EAHP officials sent from the Netherlands for the purpose (see back inside cover for details).

At  the  time of writing, NCHP  is the only externally  assessed  UK-based  member organisation  of EAHP.

European Association for Psychotherapy

The EAP represents 128 organisations (28 national umbrella associations17 European-wide associations for psychotherapy) from 41 European countries and by that more than 120.000 psychotherapists. Membership is also open for individual psychotherapists.
Based on the “Strasbourg Declaration on Psychotherapy of 1990” the EAP represents high training standards for a scientifically based and stands for a free and independent practice of psychotherapy.

The National College of Hypnosis and Psychotherapy is a European Accredited Psychotherapy Training Institute with the EAP. The inspection was comprehensive which included inspection of course materials, organisational structure, faculty, and students. To become an EAPTI, an organisation must be accredited by both the National Awarding Body for Psychotherapy, in our case UKCP, and the European Wide Awarding Organistion, in our case the European Association for Hypno-Psychotherapy (details below).

Currently, there are 45 such institutes throughout Europe, we are only one of two such institutes in the UK.