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Hypnotherapy Training UK – Psychotherapy Training UK

Course Overview

The National College Route to a Career in Hypno-Psychotherapy

Is this the course for you?

If the following factors are important to you then our course may be right for you (but read through the whole prospectus and ask any questions to make sure: this is an important decision!):

  • having the highest level of accreditation available
  • a thorough training in theory and practice
  • a course designed to build confidence in practice as well as competence
  • high levels of support
  • a national network of centres so that you can choose your venue and, if you like, visit different centres to experience different tutors to gain different perspectives
  • having the stability that comes with a school that has been active for over 40 years and with many tutors and support staff (we are not a “one-man band”)
  • having tutors who are in full time practice, not ones who have given up practice to teach
  • staff (the Principal and MD) who have been involved in every major initiative in the profession since 1993
  • having small classes to ensure personal attention
  • having an ethos of openness and friendliness
  • a course which recognises our students as individuals who need to find their own style of working
  • having an open and integrative approach to theory and practice
  • offering a route to further study with Bath Spa University

You may well be comparing our course with others in the market place. Check that they meet those criteria from the above list that matter to you.