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Hypnotherapy Training UK – Psychotherapy Training UK

Course Dates and Fees

Course Dates and Fees

The Training Venues and Times

Training is held at weekends in London, Manchester, Oxford, and Leicester in the United Kingdom in addition to Phoenix, Arizona (USA) and The Gold Coast in Australia

All courses start at 10.00am and end at 5.00pm.


The next Stage One Foundation Courses for each venue will be held as follows :

LocationModule 1Module 2Module 3Module 4
LONDONstarted24-25 Nov 185-6 Jan 1916-17 Feb 19
OXFORD9-10 Feb 19
9-10 Mar 1927-28 Apr 1918-19 May 19
LONDON11-12 May 191-2 Jun 1913-14 Jul 1917-18 Aug 19
LONDON19-20 Oct 1923-24 Nov 194-5 Jan 202015-16 Feb 2020
MANCHESTER26-27 Oct 1916-17 Nov 197-8 Dec 1918-19 Jan 20

Exit point: you can leave now if you do not wish to use the title “hypnotherapist”, perhaps if you have done the training for personal development or if you wish to add the skills and knowledge you have learned into an existing profession (eg nursing or counselling)

The next Stage Two Courses for each venue will be held as follows:

LocationModule 5Module 6Module 7Module 8Module 9Module 10Module 11Module 12
LONDONstarted13-14 Oct 1817-18 Nov 181-2 Dec 1812-13 Jan 199-10 Feb 199-10 Mar 1913-14 Apr 19
MANCHESTER23-24 Feb 1923-24 Mar 1927-28 Apr 1925-26 May 1922-23 June 1924-25 Aug 19* 20-21 July 19*21-22 Sept 19
LONDON16-17 Mar 196-7 Apr 1911-12 May 191-2 Jun 196-7 July 193-4 Aug 1931 Aug- 1 Sept 195-6 Oct 19
OXFORD22-23 Jun 1920-21 Jul 1917-18 Aug 1921-22 Sept 1919-20 Oct 1916-17 Nov 1914-15 Dec 1911-12 Jan 20
LONDON7-8 Sept 1912-13 Oct 199-10 Nov 1931 Nov-1 Dec 1911-12 Jan 208-9 Feb 207-8 Mar 2018-19 Apr 20
MANCHESTER15-16 Feb 2014-15 Mar 2025-26 Apr 2023-24 May 2027-28 Jun 2025-26 Jul 2022-23 Aug 2026-27 Sept 20
LONDON14-15 Mar 204-5 Apr 209-10 May 206-7 Jun 204-5 Jul 201-2 Aug 205-6 Sept 203-4 Oct 20

*module order swapped due to tutor availability
Exit point: on successful completion of the course you gain the CHP(NC) and can start in practice as a hypnotherapist. If you do not wish to study the curriculum of stage three and do not want to progress to be a psychotherapist, you can cease training here.

The next Stage Three Courses for each venue will be held as follows:

LocationModule 13Module 14Module 15Module 16Module 17
MANCHESTERstarted10-11 Nov 1815-16 Dec 1826-27 Jan 1916-17 Feb 19
8-9 Dec 1819-20 Jan 1923-24 Feb 1923-24 Mar 19
LONDON16-17 Nov 197-8 Dec 1918-19 Jan 1922-23 Feb 2021-22 Mar 20

Exit point: on successful completion of the course you gain the DHP(NC). If you do not wish to progress to UKCP registration you can cease training here.

Full details of the venues, including map and services available, will be included in the course materials sent to students on enrolment.
For more details on the courses here.

Course Fees – Your Investment

Our programmes are reasonably priced at £180 per weekend. To reach the stage of becoming a hypnotherapist, the investment is therefore £2160. If you wish to continue to train in psychotherapy, the total investment for Stages 1-3 is £3060. If you commit at the beginning of the training to do all three stages (and then complete them), the fee will be reduced by £5 per weekend making the total fee £2975.