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College – Student Relations

College – Student Relations

In order to further the aims of the National College, as set out on p8 of this prospectus, the National College undertakes to adhere to the terms and conditions, as stated, as closely as possible and to act in an ethical and responsible manner to all its students. Likewise, the National College expects students to observe the National College’s regulations, as detailed in this prospectus, and otherwise behave in an ethical and responsible manner as befitting trainee therapists. In this way, the National College believes that a climate of acceptance is established between student and the National College, within which professional training and mutual respect can flourish.

Equality and diversity

The National College is an Equal Opportunities Organisation, committed to the principle that no one should be discriminated against by reason of race, religion, ethnicity, gender, class, age, disability or sexual orientation. Our full Equality and Diversity Policy document can be found on our website


All information supplied by applicants is treated in confidence by relevant National College personnel within the limits set out in the Code of Ethics and Practice in this prospectus.

Interruption of studies

If the interruption is of a temporary nature which has affected home study, then the individual’s tutor will be able to assess the effects of the interruption and, where necessary, help the student to catch up. If a student fails to attend any weekend then they may attend an equivalent weekend at one of the other venues or the usual venue at the next iteration, without additional charge. If the interruption is likely to be of considerable duration, then the student may recommence at a future date. At least 80% attendance of each stage is required and ethical elements are compulsory.

Academic progress

Any student who fails to achieve the level of competence required by our internal and external assessors may apply to be reassessed. Where repeat tuition is desirable, it may be provided, without further payment of tuition fees, prior to further submission.

This progress covers time limits for completion of coursework. Currently, students have 5 years from the beginning of their studies to complete the Certificate and Diploma courses and 7 years to complete the Advanced Diploma. In certain circumstances extensions can be offered. Additionally, where requirements change due to our external accreditations, students who have not completed their courses before these are implemented will be expected to complete these requirements as well as the original ones at the start of their course.

Debts to the National College

If you owe the National College any fees, we reserve the right to withhold course results, academic references or progress to further stages of training. Students are expected to honour fee commitments without further reminder.

Course changes

It is the National College’s policy continually to assess, review and improve the course content, materials and all aspects of the National College’s work. Therefore, we reserve the right to effect changes to any part of this prospectus.

Retaking weekends

Within reason, students may retake weekends as they wish at any venue for no extra charge within ten years of the start of their training. The only proviso is that the venue must have the capacity for the extra student. At the time of writing there has only been one time when we have had to say no.

Data Protection

The National College abides by the Data Protection Act. We also have a thorough Data Management and Retention Process.

Student feedback

The National College gives students the opportunity, through our Consultation Process at all stages of training, to register their views about the courses, tuition and support services.

Withdrawal before the first weekend

Should a student withdraw from any course, prior to commencement, a refund will be made of any fees paid for that stage, subject to the return of their Kindle , minus a deposit of £40.00 to cover administrative costs.

Withdrawal after the first weekend

If a student wishes to withdraw from any course after completion of any live training they may do so, and, subject to return of all course materials (including their Kindle) relevant to the particular stage, fees for the remainder of the stage will be refunded.

Students required to withdraw

In addition to the information which students supply to us on the National College Enrolment Form, a further careful check is made of each student during the first weekend of every course. During that first weekend, our Course Tutor will be observing each student and making careful assessment of his/her response to the training being given. If, at the end of weekend one, we feel it is not to any student’s advantage to continue on the course, we reserve the right to inform that student that we are not in a position to offer further tuition and to ask him/her to withdraw from the course. In that event, all money paid by the student in course fees for that particular stage of training will be refunded, subject to return of all course materials relevant (including their Kindle) to the particular stage.

The careful selection of students is such that very few are requested to withdraw. It does, however. occasionally happen and the National College reserves the right to require the withdrawal of any student engaging in gross clinical indiscipline, or acting in any way which tends to disrupt others’ enjoyment of, or benefit from, the training.