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The National College courses are structured in accordance with the needs of two groups of people. These are:-

  • People who wish to embark on a new career in adult hypno-psychotherapy, and require a recognised training to assist them to achieve their goal.
  • People who, although not wishing to enter practice, may wish to pursue their serious interest in the subject within the context of a recognised training programme.
  • Two further considerations have influenced the structure of the training.
  • The Academic Board is aware that many applicants, although having an interest in hypno-psychotherapy, have little experience in its use.

Many applicants, although being able to meet the educational standards required to gain enrolment, may not have had the opportunity for many years to engage in serious study, and they will require a gradual reintroduction to a learning environment.

With these points in mind, the National College courses commence with practical instruction, the academic content of the course being introduced gradually. Therefore, once having gained enrolment, if a student is prepared to follow the training and instruction provided, then he or she will experience little or no difficulty.

In addition, students and/or prospective students may be referred to an appropriate course in Psychology to preface, supplement or complement their regular National College training.

Personal development is not central to National College training, though it forms an important corollary, with self therapy being a compulsory component for UKCP Registration.

The National College's course tutors act as trainers, rather than as therapists (whilst all are, of course, qualified as such). The training schedule does not allow for course time to be taken up with individual therapy. In the event that personal issues arise during training (including reluctance to participate in course practical work) which require therapeutic intervention, the course tutor will refer the individual concerned to the National College so that a competent therapist can be recommended. Where necessary, and as advised by the course tutor, training may be interrupted until such time as the therapist selected recommends resumption.

We hope that this policy is seen as demonstrating a proper concern for the individual, balanced by our contractual commitment to deliver courses of training