It’s fitting to mark the launch of the new NCHP website with a short piece thanking the outgoing Managing Director and Principal Fiona Biddle and Shaun Brookhouse, and honouring their contribution to the College, students and staff.

A double-act to be remembered, Shaun and Fiona began their tenure of the College together and decided to bow out together as was always their intent. Students and graduates perhaps think they’ve been there forever but it’s important to note that when they took over the NCHP, it was a very different institution to that which we know today.

In many ways their greatest contributions have been to place the College firmly on the psychotherapeutic community’s map and consolidate its position within UKCP, Fiona especially has laboured tirelessly to achieve recognition for us all at the highest levels of the UKCP and the College is now firmly cemented within both The College of Outcome Oriented and Hypno-Psychotherapies (COOHP) and the organisation as a whole.

It is also fitting that both of them have been honoured with Honorary Fellowship of UKCP to recognise their contributions both front-of-house and backstage. Those of us who know Shaun know him as both a vast encyclopaedia of all things therapy (gossip included) and a teacher of Ericksonian methods beyond compare, very much the star of the show. Fiona on the other hand is the quieter of the two, an organiser and very much the logistical engine room of the years that they worked together.

Shaun will be the first to admit that Fiona is the real star of the NCHP show, reliable, unflappable and with a resolve for upholding the integrity of the College and the profession that can never be questioned.

To both of them we owe as a College more than we can ever repay, they have been leaders, mentors and inspirations, and to some of us they have been true friends. Their legacy is a real testament to their work and their passion for it.

Their double-act status and their contribution will be commemorated going forward in the Biddle and Brookhouse Prize which will be awarded to those who, like them, have made an outstanding and lasting contribution to the College and its students and granting Honorary Fellowship.

To both of them we say a wholehearted thank you for what they leave behind for us to build upon and for all they gave to us.

We wish them love and light in all they do next.