That time of year is fast approaching, when the days are getting longer, the air warmer and in the world of hypno-psychotherapy that means one thing……….

The 12th Annual International Hypno-Psychotherapy Conference 2020.

This year marks the beginning of a new era. Last year’s conference, as well as being filled with great speakers and lots of fun as usual, was tinged with sadness as Shaun and Fiona announced it would be their last conference, having made the decision to step down from NCHP.

However, they were both very excited as we all are to welcome Stuart Cale as the incoming 6th Principal of NCHP. Stuart will be heading up the conference this year with an array of incredibly exciting speakers.

Each principal of NCHP has brought something new and Stuart is no different. His passion and enthusiasm to push the boundaries of what is achievable in our profession will no doubt shine through, both in the direction of the college and in the conference itself. We have such a diverse range of world class speakers this year in subject areas which every one of you will be able to draw upon to enhance your own practice. It is the focus of the National Society and of the conference to bring our profession together, because no matter what our modality, the more we learn from each other the more creative we can be as therapists and this focus on creativity and growth is what we hope to offer with the conference this year.

The conference will follow the same well-rehearsed format, whilst introducing some fresh elements which we hope you will find inspiring and educational. Stuart will welcome you all to the conference and close it with what we hope will become a regular update of the latest ideas and techniques from the year to take away and implement in your own practice.

We hope to see the familiar faces amongst you and also look forward to welcoming all our students and future speakers. It is you who will shape the future of therapy and we are so excited to step into this new era with you all.

To find out more about the individual speakers, click here and to book click here.

See you all in June.